A safe adventure!


Watersport kolymbia rhodes greece safe adventure
We make anything possible so you can have a safe and an amazing adventure on the west coast of Rhodes.

Experienced Crew

Our crew will welcome you and explain all the safety instructions before you use any of our boats or jet skis.
Even for first timers a quick quide will be demonstrated in detail.

A Safe adventure

Life jackets

Life jackets are provided

Weather Report

We check the weather and wind report daily in order to check if it s safe to use the boats and the jet skis.

Gps on every boat

Every boat is equiped with a gps system so we can be able to locate it anytime needed.

Mobile phone provided

Mobile phone is given while you are on board in case you need to communicate with us.

Some more tips before you get on board

Take in lots of water
Before and during your on-the-water sports excursion, be sure to take in lots of water. You may think that being in the water eliminates the chance of dehydration, but that’s not quite true—in fact, rigorous sports on the water can make you especially thirsty, even if you don’t feel “hot.”

Get everyone involved
As is the case with any new adventure, make your water sports excursion more fun by getting everyone involved. Chances are, your friends or family members are just as curious about the new water toy or sports gear you just purchased—so give them a chance to try it out! Even younger kids, when wearing lifejackets and being supervised by adults, can enjoy the thrill of many on-the-water activities.

Capture the experience
Whether this is your first or 31st time out on the water, be sure to capture the experience with a waterproof camera or smartphone. Later on, you’ll be able to look back on the day’s adventures with a laugh!

Ready to hit the water on your wakeboard or other new water toy? Stay safe and have a great time!

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